Wednesday, August 19, 2009

First Day Jitters by Julie Danneberg

A great book about feeling nervous on the first day of school. . . with a twist.
Building Community A great read aloud for the first day of school, this book is laugh out loud funny, and should allay those nervous butterflies in children's and teacher's stomachs. Use this read aloud as a catalyst to discuss how everyone gets nervous. . . even adults! Validate for your students that it's ok to feel nervous, especially on the first day of school, because there is an element of the unexpected.
Lesson Idea: Create a "worry box." Use a shoe box with a lid or another similar sized box and lid. Cut a hole in the box top. Decorate the top and the box with contact paper or wrapping paper. Read aloud the book to students and then share with them a worry that you have about the new school year. Write it on a small piece of paper. Ask each student to annonymously write one worry they have about the school year on a small piece of paper as well. Place your worry in the box and ask students to follow suit. After all students have placed their worries in the box, take some time to read through the worries aloud and allay their fears by discussing them as a group.